By coming to our office with your ID card and the FWB registration fee in cash.

You will do a test before registering, so that we can put you in the correct level. The test takes about 30 mins and you can register straight away.



Please bring your original, valid documents.

  • Belgians and European Union citizens: ID card
  • Foreigners outside EU: Belgian residence permit or passport and visa* (extra registration fee of €90)

Exemption of the FWB registration fee:

  • CPAS/OCMW: RIS certificate delivered in the month the class starts
  • Actiris/Forem: Job seeker receiving full-time unemployment benefits or following an internship: registration number or national number
  • VDAB: certificate delivered on the month when the class starts

Our classes are open to:

  • 18 or older,
  • 16 or older, with proof of registration in a Belgian high school or an apprenticeship contract



FWB registration fee: for 120 class periods: €55,80
Foreigners outside EU: for 120 class periods: €145,80
Actris/Forem/VDAB/CPAS: deposit of €25 fee upon registration
reimbursement of €25 fee after reception of Actiris/Forem/VDAB/CPAS certificate

Unemployed people exempted from the FWB registration fee cannot register for evening classes.

All registration fees must be paid in cash.


Day classes :  January 2022

Registration : Only by appointment (appointments will be given by phone from December 06)

Evening classes : February 2022

Registration : Only by appointment (appointments will be given by phone from January 24)




at our office Rue Vlogaert, 4

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Call us at 02/537.97.21
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